Virtual Events.


We offer cutting-edge, fully interactive virtual or hybrid event hosting and streaming solutions for conferences, product launches, business meetings, talk shows, congresses, award galas, and more

Broadcast Technology

AVL EVENT TECHNOLOGIES provides a variety of scalable camera solutions that,
when combined with our high-quality audio, video, and lighting technology, can transform any location into a high-end virtual event studio.

Because of our state-of-the-art camera technology and flexibility,
we can provide turnkey solutions ranging from small live company presentations to advanced TV broadcasts.

Invite remote event speakers via secure, low-latency live links and allow them to participate in your broadcast without leaving their homes.

Streaming Technology

As a global operation, we are well-positioned to securely stream from anywhere and at any time.

We provide a wide range of solutions to bring your event online,
from encoding a feed for YouTube to providing dedicated point-to-point options.

Our most basic solution sends out a pre-mixed signal; on the other end of the spectrum,
we can host, manage, and distribute your content through a dedicated private streaming server.

Virtual Solutions

A world where your presenter can interact with the virtual world in real-time and create an immersive experience for your audience.

As a result, there is a higher-quality environment with less latency
and a simplified workflow, opening a plethora of possibilities for live and experiential events.

Centralized & Remote Productions

Our centralized and remote production solutions streamline production
and reduce the need for on-site staff significantly.

We can share resources between several parallel productions, known as hubs, using centralized production solutions.
With only cameras and microphones in the field, we collect audio and video signals via a link and combine them into a single common feed in one of our control rooms.

As the popularity of virtual events continues to grow, so does the need
for skilled professionals who can handle everything from conception to delivery.

If you are interested in a virtual event contact us today for a FREE professional consultation.