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Live Event
Audio Design Solutions

One of the highest achievements in the art of live sound is when its complexity is imperceptible.

Because of our extensive background in live music at a wide variety of events,
we are well-equipped to deliver this genre with precision.

Our devoted audio professionals
can take a wide range of audio formats
and efficiently distribute them across any event.

You can trust us to deliver your live show
in perfect sound quality every time thanks to our dedicated team of Sound Engineers.

Public Address Systems

Experienced audio engineers from AVL create and deploy scalable and adaptable public address (PA) systems
that not only look great but also sound fantastic and seamlessly integrate with the rest of your event.

If a standard installation would be too noticeable, we can create one that fits in with the room's decoration without sacrificing performance or sound quality.

We provide comprehensive studies of the sound pressure level, the audience listening plane,
and off-site environmental noise calculations using cutting-edge prediction software and 3D drawing packages.

This ensures that your listeners will have a fantastic time while taking in your content.

Sound Vision

As professional audio-visual technicians, we provide a comprehensive system design service for a wide range of live events including corporate events, conferences,
panels, trade shows, classes, live concerts, and more.

Our team of trained technicians has the expertise to design and install audio systems that meet the specific needs and requirements of each unique event.

To ensure that your event runs smoothly and successfully, we conduct a thorough site survey to evaluate the square footage and acoustics of the event space. Utilizing advanced software, we are able to accurately predict and plan the sound projection ahead of time.

This ensures that the sound quality is great and that people close to the speakers will still be able to enjoy the same level of sound that is spread evenly throughout the area.

Sound is imperative to the success of any event, and we do the planning of this element ahead of time to ensure
that all technical elements work seamlessly together to create a cohesive and professional atmosphere that is essential for a successful and memorable event.

Wireless Systems
-Microphones &
In-Ear Monitors-

AVL EVENT TECHNOLOGIES is dedicated to delivering exceptional audio quality for all types of events.

Our inventory includes a range of microphones
from leading industry brands, such as Shure, renowned for their clarity and durability.

Additionally, we utilize advanced equipment from Sennheiser, a leader in audio technology,
to ensure that every voice and sound is heard clearly and without distortion.

The use of top-quality microphones and in-ear devices is essential for delivering a professional
and polished experience, whether you are hosting a corporate event, wedding, or concert.

Our wireless systems are equipped with RF frequency technology
to ensure seamless and interference-free audio transmission

to enhance the audio experience for performers and speakers.

Digital Mixing System

AVL Event Technologies is a leading provider of
superior digital mixing systems, featuring industry-renowned brands such as L-Acoustics and RCF.

Our equipment is designed to meet the demands of events of all sizes,
from small restaurants and ballrooms to large weddings, fashion shows, festivals, and live concerts.

Our selection of products, including the RCF Evox 12 and L-Acoustics X series, S series,
A series, and K series, ensures that every sound is clear and perfectly balanced,
providing a truly exceptional audio experience that exceeds expectations.

Our cutting-edge systems are the epitome of excellence,
offering precise and customizable sound solutions for any event.

Additionally, we also offer advanced sound mixing console equipment,
such as Yamaha and Digico mixers, to take in various inputs including
microphones, instruments, and more, allowing us to connect to the mixer
and send the sound to the speakers, ensuring the highest quality sound for your event.

Communication Systems

We specialize in providing intercom systems for live events,
utilizing only the industry-leading products on the market.

Our inventory includes the Clear-Com System,
specifically the Freespeak Clear-Com system and the popular Trendecy system.

Known for their dependability and outstanding performance in live settings,
these systems are renowned in the industry for delivering clear and uninterrupted communication.

Recognizing the critical importance of clear communication during any live event,
we are dedicated to providing the finest solutions available to ensure seamless and effective communication.