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What is projection mapping?

Turn anything into a projection surface.

Projection mapping translates any object or place into a display surface, regardless of shape or size.

The item or location to project on may be nearly anything, from structures to indoor objects or stages.

Multiple projectors work together to regulate where one light beam stops and another begins, a technique called 'edge-blending' Edge-blended photos fuse four walls into one.

2D and 3D projection mapping exist.

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Each relies on the projection surface:

• 2D mapping involves projecting images onto displays or walls.
We can employ 2D mapping to build wall-to-wall visual displays in your location.

• 3D mapping projects 2D pictures onto 3D objects.
The 3D projection may distort information with software when pictures assume physical shape. 3D mapping adds lifeless things to your stage and creates illusions for your guests.

AVL EVENT TECHNOLOGIES can create an immersive experience using its vision technology and expertise

We can build multimedia to be presented on a custom-made set utilizing powerful HD laser and 4k projectors.

For high-quality, compelling events, we employ only the greatest technical and AV equipment. Thus, projection mapping may modify any surroundings. We can project any theme, color, picture, branding, or atmosphere onto your venue’s architecture.


Projection mapping quality depends on the projected material

AVL EVENT TECHNOLOGIES' expert multimedia designers
can generate the correct multimedia for your 2D or 3D mapping.

This multimedia is designed with you to highlight critical messages and branding.

Perfect for conferences, galas, and incentive programs

Ideal for elevating your occasion.
We've projected onto stages to create dynamic environments, and we can do the same for your event.

Projection mapping is used for business conferences and galas.
It's aesthetically spectacular and will 'wow' guests.