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Rigging and planning are the foundations of a successful technical setup

Steel, soft steel, shackle,
STAC chains, master links,
and other rigging equipment are owned by AVL EVENT TECHNOLOGIES.

At AVL EVENT TECHNOLOGIES, we own a large inventory of rigging equipment, including popular brands like Chainmaster and ST-25 lifts and tresses

Safety is of the utmost importance to us, and our team is comprised of professional engineers and licensed riggers
who have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the stability and safety of our setups.

We use steel, soft steel, shackles, STAC chains,
and master links in accordance with industry standards and guidelines.

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Our team is completely self-sufficient and can quickly adapt to the needs of any project, large or small

They are experts in programs like AutoCAD and are highly skilled in creating rigging plots, overlays,
seating plans, and other necessary drawings to ensure that all rigging is properly planned and executed.

Trust us to provide the rigging solutions you need for a successful event.